Professional Choosing UM Thesis Format in Malaysia

um thesis writing helpUniversity of Malay or UM is one of the leading universities in Malaysia. It is also one of the top 500 universities in the world. The high standards force students to hire thesis writer Malaysia. Here are we discussing , its UM thesis format, and few writing tips.

Why Is It Important to Write a Good Thesis UM?

Many students don’t understand the importance of the UM thesis. They take it as an academic activity only, but actually, if you cannot write a good UM thesis, you cannot complete your degree. So, like any other university, it’s important to write a good paper, if you are a UM student. You have to rephrase your content, which you are using from some other source, and write the proper reference as well. You should be very particular about the formatting requirements. Moreover, you should be careful about the plagiarism as well. If you will keep an eye on all these factors, you will be able to write a good  thesis UM.

Requirements for

It’s very important to follow the requirements of the UM thesis. Otherwise, you will be asked to correct the mistakes and submit it again. Instead of editing the long thesis document, it’s better that you write it properly, even in the first draft. You can see the UM thesis for further clarification. Here are some general requirements for the students:

Page number
Arabic numerals will be used for the main text, while Roman numerals will be used for all initial pages, appendices and table of content etc.
Foot notes
Foot notes will appear at the bottom of the page, not at the end of chapter.
Chapter heading will be in uppercase and heading 1. First subtitle will be in H2 and second subtitle will be in H3. Third subtitle should be in H4 and all others will be in H5.
Line spacing
Line spacing between the text should be double. For tables, footnotes and citation single space is appropriate. Before starting new paragraph, 0.5 indentation is also necessary.
All the references should be cited in APA style.
Abstract should not be more than 500 words.

These are the general guidelines for UM students. Some departments may have specific guidelines for their students.

10 Tips for UM Thesis Writing

Either its UM graduation paper or dissertation UM writing, you have to be very careful. Mistakes and errors are not allowed here. We are giving some tips, which can help you to write a good UM thesis online.

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