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ukm thesis writing helpThe National University of Malaysia is also called “Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia”, so it is abbreviated as UKM. It is another Malaysian university, who is ranked as one of the best universities in South Asia and in the world. Students of UPM usually seek help from the custom writing services to get their paper Malaysia done in time and error-free. Here we are discussing UKM thesis and some tips related to that.

Why Is It Important to Write Paper in Right UKM style?

The thesis UKM is compulsory for all the postgraduate students of UKM, they have to write either thesis UKM or UKM Master thesis, whatever is their academic level. UKM is a top-ranked university because it takes the research very seriously. There are different faculties and a large number of departments, who are involved in research. If the findings of the research are not properly written by the students in their  research papers, all the efforts and resources get waste. So, it’s very important to write a good paper for UKM students, in order to present their research in a proper way.

Requirements for UKM Thesis Format

You can see the dissertation UKM sample for the format. Thesis UKM should be written according to the format thesis UKM. Here are some salient features of the format:

Page size
A work should be printed on A4 size page, and binding should not be more than 2mm.
Font size and style
Students should use Time New Roman for the entire thesis. The size of the font will be 12 pts.
All the headings will be in uppercase and bold. They will be aligned in the center.
The space between the lines should be 1.5. The inundation for the new paragraph will be 12.7 mm. For acknowledgment, abstract, table of content etc. single spacing will be used.
Printing will be on one side of the page and it will be the right side.
Number of copies
Students are required to submit seven copies of the thesis.
Margins are different for all four sides. It will be 30mm from the top, 25mm for the right, 38mm for the left and 25mm from the bottom of the page.
Page number
The page number should appear in the upper right corner of the page. It should be 15mm from the top. Roman numerals will be used for initial pages and for main text body Arabic numerals will be used.

10 Tips for UKM Students

UKM final paper and full thesis UKM, both require a lot of attention and hard work. Here we are giving some tips, which can help you to write a paper Kebangsaan Malaysia:

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